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The Journey of Alantis Painting Corporation

In 1982, the foundation of what would become Alantis Painting Corporation was laid under the name McCracken Painting Company. As a young man, I had navigated through various jobs without finding a true calling. Growing up in an area bustling with construction, I spent weekends and after-school hours working different trades, primarily drywall in new constructions. Yet, satisfaction eluded me.


A turning point came when I met a painting contractor in need of assistance. The offer was more lucrative than drywall, so I decided to give it a shot. Little did I know, this decision would change the trajectory of my career. Painting resonated with me deeply; witnessing the transformation from start to finish provided a sense of accomplishment and joy that I had never experienced before.


For two years, I honed my skills under the guidance of this contractor, working primarily on small construction homes and subdivisions. The team was small, just a few of us, but by the second year, I was entrusted with most of the work. Unfortunately, financial irregularities began to strain our relationship. My paychecks were delayed and often shorted, creating an untenable situation.


During this challenging period, a local builder approached me with an offer to paint his houses. I agreed and began taking on these additional projects while still working for the contractor. However, as his financial issues persisted and communication broke down, I made the difficult decision to sever ties.


Retrieving my equipment from one of his job sites, I was confronted by a superintendent who, upon learning of my situation, introduced me to a builder. They proposed that I take on their warranty work and, subsequently, their painting contracts. This opportunity marked the birth of McCracken Painting.


As the business grew, I hired more staff and continued to expand our client base. A pivotal moment came when I connected with a sales representative from a leading paint supply company. His mentorship and industry knowledge were invaluable, shaping my understanding of the best products and applications.


In 1994, seeking a fresh identity and inspired by our coastal roots, I rebranded the company as Alantis Painting Corporation. The name was chosen strategically; back then, the phone book was a crucial marketing tool, and a name starting with 'A' ensured prominent placement. Alantis Painting quickly became known for its quality and reliability, largely through word-of-mouth referrals.


The 2008 housing market crash presented significant challenges. We lost work and had to let go of employees. In response, we pivoted towards restoration work and repaints, reducing our reliance on new construction. Family members joined the business, reinforcing our commitment to quality and detail.


Today, Alantis Painting Corporation remains a small, family-owned and operated business, dedicated to perfection. We take pride in our meticulous approach, knowing that a good paint job can endure for years, while a subpar one will fail in months. Our journey has been one of resilience, adaptation, and unwavering dedication to excellence

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